Week One (8/22-8/24)

by hlegris

August 22nd

IN CLASS: Introduction to Course; Ice Breaker

HMWK: Watch “Welcome to Pinepoint” Read: Sight into Insight Buy: a sketchbook, ereader, texbook

In Blackboard: write three thoughtful personal reactions + points + prepare to discuss your reactions to the project.  Review syllabus and bring personal objectives + motivations + investments in this course – plus one question about the syllabus

August 24th

IN CLASS: discussion of article, discussion of the idea of identity + place + space+ dimensionality + self + affect. Discussion of cumulative objectives of the course and personal objectives


Read: Schein, Rich “Belonging Through Land/Scape”

Adams, Shelby Lee “Of Kentucky: Photo Essay”

“Shelby Lee Adams Invited Me to a Party”

Prepare: Reactions to the readings (in the discussion section of BB), Brainstorming of personal concepts of space/place/history