8/29, Wednesday (preparing for)

by hlegris

For Wednesday’s class we’ll be moving into the Compose, Design, Advocate text in order to prepare to meet the more technical objectives of our class. While you read the first thirty pages of this text, try to move strategically through the text – pick out the parts that seem the most essential and search for the key parts. This process will streamline your reading time/process for the purposes of class on Wednesday.

Therefore, while reading, I ask you to keep several questions in mind, and be able to answer them in a (fairly) simple manner:

-What is composing?

-What is designing?

-What is advocating?

-What is an argument?

-Why does an argument occur?

-What is the difference between formal and informal arguments?

-What does it mean to advocate? How is argument connected to advocating?

-What are seven things to consider when forming and presenting an argument?

-What are the three parts to the composing and design process presented in this textbook?

-What is the philosophy of communication presented in this book?