August 29th, Wednesday

by hlegris

IN CLASS: on Wednesday, we’re going to continue working through a bit of Rich Schein’s “Belonging through land/scape” and discuss a bit of his jargon and the communities he’s trying to reach and/or address. Who is his audience? Where are they coming from? What will they do with his message? Where do we fall in this conversation? etc. It took me forever and a day to type up those notes to the article, so please spend a little time with them, and also think about these questions:

-How is the Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden a powerful reappropriation of history, space, and identity? (820, 823)

-How is Schein’s article a deep exploration of a particular place?

-What are ‘cracks in the mortar’ according to Schein/Jones? (p.814)

-What is a ‘cultural landscape’ according to Schein? Is landscape discourse? (p.819)

-What is Schein arguing? How does he change the discourse around these places?              

-How is his story of the gate in Hampton Court an example of landscape as discourse?

We are also going to do a wordpress tutorial and talk about setting up your blogs, the purpose for your blogs, and how we’ll create an online community/conversation using this technology. The blog can be a great tool for you to build research/notes/ideas in addition to doing the reactions/responses that I’ll assign regularly.

I’ll also be giving you little quiz over the CDA reading.

We’ll talk about space/place some more as well as your first speech.


HOMEWORK: (due friday) read CDA 223-245; skip p 228-237 and add in p. 80-83 on logos, pathos, ethos. Make your wordpress profile and choose your theme. Follow my blog. Post your url to blackboard.