Blog Notes

by hlegris

for right now, you need:

-your theme (agh! if it works!)

-about page with profile + pictures

-main page

preliminary considerations for posting:

-Who is the audience?

-What is my tone?

-What is my purpose?

-Did I proofread?   

-Is this appropriate for wrd110?     

-Does my post answer the assignment?

initial goals for the blog:

-posting research about space/place/identity

-answering discussion questions that Hannah provides for the class (unless noted that they should be posted to blackboard)

following others’ blogs:

-being a part of the blogosphere is a conversation: we’re entering into that conversation as a class

-therefore, we’ll learn from each other, and that means that you need to look at others’ blogs – this is also a way that you’ll get a sense of where your interests overlap with others’ and you might learn something/make some new friends