Homework: Due for Wednesday, 9/5

by hlegris

HOMEWORK for the weekend:

Read CDA 251-255

Find an example of a speech you like (written or in video form) and post it to your blog.

Continue to set up and customize your wordpress blog, write your ‘about’ page (plus a picture), and write your first post.

Your first post (at least 200 words) will be about one of the elements listed as a component of your Introduction Speech and your sense of place and how it has shaped you. Concrete examples include: family, friends, population, region, food, local culture, rural/urban/suburban, demographics, landscape, biodiversity, infrastructure. You need to use elaborate descriptions of that place – think Annie Dillard in “Sight into Insight”—which means including your senses (at least four of them) in your description. Think of this post providing a rich and full description and immersion into that place for your reader, and then you need to connect it to one of the elements listed above, even loosely. Annie Dillard does this, for example, with landscape, biodiversity, and rural environment in relation to herself, memory, and sense of the natural world.  Please please please proofread and spellcheck your posts thoroughly.

Due by 11am on Wednesday, September 5th.