How to do Oral Citations

by hlegris

We’ll get into this a bit more on Wednesday, but for now please look at this dry but helpful guide to orally citing during a speech: found here.

For your speeches, you’ll also need to do a MLA-formatted works cited page at the end of your prezi or powerpoint if you use any outside information. Instructions for how to do so are available in the pocket manual that you purchased for this class, here is an excellent guide, check out the Purdue Owl website, and you may also visit the writing center – more information is also available here, on their wordpress site. I hope that someone from the writing center will come to visit our class this week, and, if so, then you can ask them questions about their services and the like. You can also practice your speeches/take in your outlines/test out your structure for the consultants and they will also help with organization, flow, and grammar…just something to consider to prepare for your upcoming speech-day.

I am also glad to discuss format, citations, structure, and other questions during my office hours or by appointment, so please know that I am available to help, too, as you prepare your speech.