Reading for Friday

by hlegris

For Friday, I need you to log onto your WRD reader and read Kathleen Norris’ “The Beautiful Places” and Richard Ford’s “Accommodations” – in the “What is Sensory Writing?” post, I put a list of questions and considerations for you to keep in mind while reading in terms of how these writers wrap us in these particular places. Please return to these – we’ll be working with them in groups (along with other considerations about the text).

As I mentioned in class today, I also want you to be able to map out the introduction, body, conclusion, and transitions within these two stories and to understand the ways in which these authors are drawing in the reader and playing on the idea of mixing the universal and the personal and drawing on/reenforcing/refuting assumptions that readers may bring with them.

Also pay attention to how they do or do not use research – which model works best for what you want to do and what kind of speech you want to present? We’ll be outlining speeches on Friday in addition to exploring these readings, so if you want to get a head-start on your homework for next week feel free to go ahead and continue to flesh out your thoughts and begin to order them in a way that makes sense to you.