7 September Group Work

by hlegris

In groups, we’re discussing the following questions/ideas over the Ford and Norris readings (in-class work):

1. What are the themes that run through Norris’ piece? Map her piece paragraph by paragraph, thematically, paying attention to transitions and structure as well. What do you discover? How does she artfully craft this article?

2. How does Norris use research? Find specific examples throughout the piece.

3. How does Norris pay attention to audience? How does she draw on audience assumptions and either push against or refute them?

4. Map the structure of Ford’s piece paragraph by paragraph. How does he draw us along? Is his structure conventional? What is his tone and where does he go thematically paragraph by paragraph?

5. How does Ford use sensory details? How does he make us feel like we are there?

6. How do both writers mix the personal and universal? How do they make their personal stories appealing and relatable to us?