Weekend Homework

by hlegris

For this weekend’s homework (due Monday) you need to complete your speech outline so that we can workshop them together in class on Monday. You will need to bring two copies of your outline – one to turn in to me and another to workshop in class.

If you want to be proactive then you will have the full version of your speech in mind, too, because on Wednesday the full version of your speech will be due and you will begin to rehearse them in class. When I say ‘full version’ I also mean that you will need to have your powerpoint or prezi with your images and your citations. I will have you post the full version with the powerpoint to blackboard for Wednesday – I will post more details over the weekend, but this is a really crucial time to be asking questions, seeing me outside of class, and going to the writing center. Because we have worked on our speech outlines in class together, it is a good idea to take time this weekend to work on the full version, find images, and start to feel prepared for giving the speech. Try to figure out how much you can fit into 4-6 minutes – it is crucial that you do not go under the required time limit and that you do not drone on over the limit.

In the WRD Reader, please read “Everyone Knows This is Somewhere” by Chuck Klosterman and write a blog post about what makes this a good speech. Write about his tone, who you think his audience is, his research and use of statistics, and incorporate ethos, pathos, and logos into your response. Write at least 200 words!

If you do not write 200 words then you do not get credit for the assignment.