Peer Review

by hlegris

There are a few clear objectives for the peer review sessions today – but, at the end, I want you to:

1. know what you need to clarify/revise

2. have an understanding any stumbling points/awkward transitions/unclear stories/connections you’re trying to make for a larger audience

3. have made sure that that point(s) you’re trying to communicate are the actual points you are communicating

At the beginning of the peer review, before you go through the speech, ask the questions:

1. what about your identity are you trying to communicate?

2. what place (or places) are you focusing on?

3. what format are you using – as in, what part do you start with, how does the body relate to the introduction/thesis statement, and what are you trying to get across in the conclusion – are all of these parts clearly connected?

Now, go through the speech:

1. explain what you’re going to say in the introduction.

-Does the introduction provide an attention getter of some sort? Do you have any suggestions for improving or adding one?

-Does the introduction explain what the speech will be about and preview the main points?

2. go through the body of the speech.

-Are there clear main points? If so, how many?

-Do the points stick to the general goals of the speech: description and connections to self?

-What suggestions do you have for the points in the body? Be as specific as possible. Which one was the strongest and which was the weakest?

-Were there effective transitions between points? Do you have any suggestions for transitions?

-Were facts/information that were borrowed from sources (such as websites) cited?

3. Now go through the conclusion. 

-Does the conclusion recap the purpose and main points of the speech?

-Does the conclusion end with some sort of clincher that makes the ending memorable? Suggestions?

Other things:

4. Are there any other points that need clarification? Do you understand the points that your partner is making? Do you think that they should add or subtract in any areas? Do you think that they are prepared to give this in front of a group tomorrow?

5. Talk about tone, delivery, and speech anxiety – what are some ways that you’re going to combat these things? How are you going to practice?

just a general aside: you should have been listening to your partner’s speech in a way that makes it possible to recap it to the class – be an active listener!