Wednesday & Prezi

by hlegris

So, as promised, here’s a link to Prezi. You can ‘explore’ the site and create your own – and I found one that I created last fall, too (not that exciting, but an example).   You may want to use this or power point for your images and your works cited.

As I noted in class, and in the post Speeches, Cont,  I’ve put some notes about what I’ll be looking for in your speeches for Wednesday. If you have clarifying questions, please do ask me before the due date (aka before Wednesday) so that you can turn in high-quality work. If there were issues with your outline that was due today, or if you had printing problems, please email me an attachment of your outline before tomorrow.

For Wednesday’s class, you will bring:

1. notes with which to practice your speech – on notecards or written out, whatever is best

2. a thumb drive or an emailed document of your power point or prezi with your images (and works cited, if applicable)

For Wednesday you have due on Blackboard:

1. an upload of your full speech

2. an upload of your power point or a link to your prezi:

– to turn these in, you will go to Assignments —>the folder labeled ‘9/12’—>upload your assignments in the right places

-if you want access to materials surrounding our speeches go to Course Content—>the folder labeled ‘speech resources’