Weekend Homework

by hlegris

This weekend,  read the Evan Osnos article “Your Cheap Sweater’s Real Cost” – in the wrd reader – and respond (in a well-constructed and not-just-wandering-thoughts way) to the article, propelling your discussion by the series of questions I’ve posed on blackboard (listed below). Post your responses on blackboard in the Discussion Board section.

It is due by 11am on Monday.

If you do not turn it in by 11am then you get a zero.

The prompt is as follows:

Here are some example questions to ponder: What does this article tell us about space and place and economies? What surprised you about the article? How does Osnos effectively construct his argument? What is the argument? What kind of research does he perform? What are other examples of interconnected economies? What does this article say about governments, consumers, and the risks taken in the name of a global marketplace? How does this article alter our ideas about the contained nature of place? How do our individual actions reverberate internationally?

Write at least 300 words. If you don’t write 300 words then you don’t get credit for the assignment.

Also, If you have not done the ABOUT page on your blog do it. Your blog needs to be visually pleasing and it needs to have an ABOUT page.