Reflection One: In a New Tab

by hlegris

Now that we’ve finished out speeches, it is time to reflect about your experiences as speech writers and audience members. This is our first formal reflection (aka Reflection One) – these reflections will be an important part of your course grade, so I advise you to take them seriously because I will be grading them as formal writing assignments. Therefore, I suggest that you outline your answers in a way that is structured and organized – not just a random slew of thoughts that bounce off of each other. Begin with an introductory paragraph, answer the questions in the body, and then write a conclusion paragraph. Do a thorough job with this, please. That is, don’t just answer the questions in a rote manner – put them into a form that an external audience member who didn’t have the questions in front of them could understand and even enjoy. Be specific and thoughtful.

Here are the questions I’d like you to explore (not necessarily in this order – put it in coherent form) – and you can elaborate upon other points that you’d like to touch upon, too, that are not necessarily addressed by the questions I’ve posed:

What did you expect to feel in front of the audience when you began your speech-writing process? What did actually you feel? What were you surprised about? What did you feel as though took the most mental preparation? What did you feel came easily to you? What did you find most difficult? How did this project challenge you academically or personally? What do you think was the utility of this project for you – professionally and/or in the context of this class? How did it feel to watch your classmates perform – what did it make you think about your own speech? What surprised you about their stories? Did they spark any ideas and/or memories for you? What would you do differently? Did you feel prepared? Why or why not? What could you have done on your own time or what would you have liked to do in class to be more prepared? Did you like giving your speech? What did you like or not like? What goals can you make in order to improve on the aspects of this project that were difficult for you? What positive aspects of yourself do you feel were reflected in the culmination of this project? What did this process help you discover about yourself? Did you actually push yourself when you did this speech? In what ways?

This is only a beginning – feel free to write more along these same reflective lines.

You must write at least 500 words. If you do not write at least 500 words, you do not get credit.

****************DUE BY 10PM ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27TH****************