Schedule Update

by hlegris

Because I cannot print out the rest of your syllabus (no budget), I will be doing all of the updates on the ‘course outline’ section of the blog. Just so you have it here in front of you this is what I have changed for this week. I will elaborate upon the homework/reading you’ll be doing Wednesday night (that will be due on Friday):

W, September 26th

IN CLASS: Discuss Semester Project and Goals; Invention for Digital Documentary

HMWK: Read Mathieu, Paula “Economic Citizenship and the Rhetoric of Gourmet Coffee”


F, September 28th

IN CLASS: Read & Discuss Eblen’s article “Short Street Long on History”

View Short Street Map; Discuss assigned readings

HMWK: CDA (144-163), bring some project ideas for discussion

Week Seven

M, October 1st

Due: Pick Groups; Drafts of Group Contracts to Hannah; Give examples of digital documentaries

IN CLASS: Discuss CDA (144-163); Discuss Project Ideas from Homework; Introduction to Research

HMWK: Draw up group contracts, solidify research goals