Economic Citizenship: Homework (due Friday)

by hlegris

Now that you’ve read the Evan Osnos piece and Paula Mathieu’s article, you have been thinking more about what it is to be part of a globally-resonant consumer base, especially as a consumer within the United States. I am now asking you to do a 300-word blog post (due Friday at 11am) about your changing notions of our initial definitions (space, place, identity) within this course. Also think about the definitions of place and space that we discussed in class on Wednesday – perhaps these are part of your new conversation (perhaps not).

Some beginning questions (you can go beyond these, but this is just to get you started, not a script to follow): How do these articles make you reconsider your definitions of space, place, identity and citizenship? In what ways are personal decisions political or global? In what ways do consumers perform acts of what Mathieu calls ‘scotosis’? What role does the internet and do international corporations play in forming and reforming our sense of place? How do narratives frame people as consumers? Who produces those narratives of need, desire, and identity? As an individual, do you control them? What do consumer decisions say about us as individuals? Are we part of a connected society or a fragmented one?  What is it to be a citizen of a country? Or a global citizen or an economic citizen?

As with your responses to the Evan Osnos piece, I expect high-quality and organized writing. Spellcheck and proofread your work – and make sure that you are not just writing a series of jumbled thoughts – I want a comprehensive series of realizations/line of discussion that shows me what you are thinking about and how those thoughts are/have been evolving.