Weekend Homework

by hlegris

Read CDA (144-163), make a list of project ideas/places/mediums of expression for your digital documentary. Post this list to your blog. Post a map or a geography (non-traditional) to your blog that resonates with you and explain why you’ve chosen it and why it is different or innovative (due by 11am on Monday).  Look over the first 23 pages of the special edition Pocket Style Manual (the custom UK edition) and be prepared to share what resources you will be using that are mentioned in this edition. If, for some reason, you do not have this book, you need to find a classmate or a friend who does.

As I discussed earlier this week, your upcoming big assignments will fall in this order:

• Proposal for Digital Documentaries (15%)

– Collaboratively written document
– Semi‐formal group speech

• Descriptive Web Text (15%)

– 900 word formal descriptive writing assignment of a place
relevant to overall group theme (each member writes about a
different place based on goals of the larger project)

• Digital Documentary (25%)

– Two parts: 15% finished documentary, 10% group ‘tour’ in
which the group will present the project to the class