Monday & Groups

by hlegris

On Friday, I wrote down your groups. For those of you who were not present, we can try to negotiate a plan, but it is likely that you will be placed with the smallest group. The current groups are as follows:

1. Kyle, Renaldo, Jerome, Elliot, Emily

2. Diane, Mason, Reilly, Kiersten

3. Logan, Jonathan, Kenny, Hunter, Allen, Bobby

4. Danielle, Hanna, Vernita

5. Dominic, Matt, Siedah, Lauren, Leon

—not decided: Holly & Garrett

On Monday, we will be discussing your posts about your project ideas/means to implement them/mapping ideas in addition to forming group contracts. These contracts will be written together turned in to me on Wednesday – they will include an outline of what your goals are, what your standards are for each other, and how you will address group member issues. We will talk about research methodologies as well as narrowing down your topics and producing a series of questions to pursue for your initial forays into your investigation. The reading in CDA should help inform your best practices with research, which you will be doing in class on Wednesday.