Homework for Friday

by hlegris

For Friday, on your blogs you need to re-write your thesis/proposal statements so that they reflect your personal research aspect for your project: what part of the research are you going to be responsible, what methodologies do you expect to use, and how does that contribute to the larger goal(s) of your group project as a whole? Be specific and detailed with this statement – do not just write one sentence…write many sentences. I want this to be a working-through of your proposed research pattern, including potential starting places (ways to collect primary and secondary research), and percieved stumbling blocks/areas of difficulty, too. Also in the same blog post give a description of the meeting you had today as a group and the specific kinds of research that you accomplished together – this is your first research report about your progress as an individual and as an entire whole.

Remember, all of this is moving toward your larger proposal and research trajectory. The written portion of your formal proposal will be due next Wednesday, October 10th.  This proposal will consist of two parts. The first is a collaboratively written document (2100 words) that will be submitted to the instructor and contain at least four sources (10%). The proposal has three components: 1) an audience analysis explaining how you anticipate your chosen project connecting with your intended audience, 2) a detailed description of the artifact you intend to produce, and 3) a project plan with tasks, deadlines, and individual responsibilities. The proposal will include an introduction and a conclusion.

This weekend you will be doing reading in CDA – pages 181-212 – in addition to doing an ethnography and meeting with your group to begin outlining your larger, collaborative paper.