In-Class Rhetorical Analysis

by hlegris

Read the North of Center (a free local paper) article by Beth Connors-Manke.

While reading, look for the answers to these questions and make notes in the margins about parts that you think move toward these answers:

-who this author is and how s/he establishes credibility (ethos)

-the intended audience

-the apparent purpose (exigence): to attack, defend, convince, move to action, dissuade from action, praise, blame, etc.

-the significance of where the text was published (forum)

-the cultural context in which the article was written–the larger conversation to which it contributes, as well as the timing of this contribution

-the type of argument that the reasons (logos) are designed to support: causal, definition, narrative, evaluative, proposal, etc.

-any appeals to the audience’s emotions (pathos)