Weekend Homework!

by hlegris

This weekend, read CDA 263-304 – yes, a long section, but the reading is easy. You will also do a research post, which will be due Monday at 11:30pm. A research post means that you will do one part of your research and then do a summary/list of findings/report upon that research in your blog. You will have at least three hundred words, but ideally the amount that you need in order to record what you have learned – this means that you will tackle one of your personal goals in the research plan that you and group have written up. Because you will be doing your descriptive webtext next week (read the description on your syllabus – a draft will be due on Wednesday), then for some of you it may make sense to do another ethnography. For others, this means that you will go to the library and compile a list of information, for some it may mean drawing quotes, statistics, and other information from  articles, websites, and books and putting them (cited) on your blog. Worst-case scenario, you will contact one or more of your interview subjects and post a series of questions to your blog in preparation for your interview(s) with them (you will then need to compile your interview findings on your blog after you conduct the interview).

I look forward to seeing what you’ve put together!