by hlegris

As you all know, you have a research blog post due tonight. As I mentioned in class on Friday, this research post will involve research that you have gathered thus far concerning your specific part of the project. For some of you this will mean doing library research, for others, it will mean beginning your interviews, for some it will entails setting up your interviews, posting a list of questions, adding on some more ethnography, beginning your sound and/or video recordings and posting them, taking pictures, or, hopefully, doing a combination of several of these things. I gave this assignment to you on Friday because I wanted you to take time over the weekend to do this assignment.

For Wednesday, you have a brainstorm/outline of your Descriptive Web Text due. Please look over the assignment in your syllabus, keeping in mind that you will just cover the place that you have decided to research – obviously, disregard the note about UK’s campus. Think of this as a creative writing assignment that involves research – revisit PinePoint, Annie Dillard, Kathleen Norris, and Richard Ford for inspiration. This is an individualized project that will be 15% of your grade, and needs to include scholarly elements as well as your own description/ethnography – you need to draw your readers in creatively and then give them more information that they could not just find through observation alone. Bring your computer or a printout of your brainstorm/outline to class on Wednesday so that you can peer review them. Have the visual elements and hyperlinks prepared as well, so that you can explain to a partner how you plan to use them.


Ultimately, this assignment will be posted to your blog next week, so keep in mind the fact that you will have more time to add in the research-based elements, but that you can be working on your more ethnographically-focused creative part on your own. This is a good time to play around with both digital and analog methods for mapping your place on a personal level, even if those are different from the ones you intend to use for your final group project. I plan for you to have time to meet with your group, do research, and draft out your complete Descriptive Web Text at the end of this week. It will then be due next Wednesday rather than next Monday. We’ll discuss this more on Wednesday once you have had time to brainstorm and outline.