Friday, Weekend & Upcoming Deadlines

by hlegris

**Complete Rough Draft of Web Text to Blackboard by 11pm Friday evening**

(I will comment upon these and send them back to you before class on Monday – put them in .doc format and just insert the hypertext in parenthesis next to the word it will go with). Include images. Include all citations for images and any information that you use – please cite in the text as well as in a works cited section at the bottom of your draft.

**Blog post due, 11am Friday: Find a visually appealing website or map or informatics presentation and explain, using the vocabulary of the CDA reading (Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity, etc) in order to explain why it works and why it is visually appealing. Make sure to use the language that your textbook employs.

**Go online and onto my blog and explore your options for map-making. Come to class on Monday prepared to discuss what type of resource works best for the type of map that you plan to make. Be prepared to explain this as a group to the class.

**Next week, you need to have some of your human-based data preparedplease be working on your interviews and data gathering processes now rather than later because the process of compiling your digital documentaries begins in about a week.

**By the end of next week, I will need a storyboard of your digital documentary – with special attention to the type of map and the digital techniques that you plan to use (as in video, recordings, etc)

On Monday, October 31st:

**Bring your computer or a printout of your draft (with comments and/or changes) for a Peer Review/Workshop and Editing Session in class

**We will also begin mapping tutorials, so make sure that you have gone through the resources I’ve provided on my blog

Upcoming Deadlines

**FINAL drafts of the WEB TEXT will be due on WEDNESDAY October 31st at 5pm**

**Reflection #2 (500 words + more details to follow) will be due on FRIDAY November 2nd at 5pm **

**Next week you will also have your map prototype/storyboard due**


How to cite a survey if you conducted it in person or via phone/email:

Last, First (your name, since you are the author of the survey). “Name of survey.” Survey. DD Month YYYY.