Monday, October 29th

by hlegris

**Peer Reviews: remember, your writing must include a mixture of physical description and your research about your chosen place—information that cannot be known through observation alone.

-2 images?

-3 hyperlinks?

-works cited (proper format)?

-proper captions & citation under pictures?

-at least four senses engaged in the description?

-does the audience seem general? Could an outside reader (not in this class) understand the trajectory of the paper?

-Is the intro catchy? Do you want to keep reading?

-Are there strong transitions?

-In each paragraph, do all sentences flow from the initial topic sentence?

-Can you map the trajectory of their paper?

-Does the conclusion bring all the parts together?

-Is there a connection between the descriptive parts and the research? Does the paper flow or does it seem jumpy?

**Your final drafts of the Descriptive Web Text will be due at 5pm on Wednesday – in a new tab, like you’ve done with the reflections**

**For Wednesday, I want you to do a blog post (due at 11am) discussing map-making techniques and programs that you find most relevant to your project. Explain in detail how you would plan to use them and the visualizations you plan to make.**

**For Friday (in class), I will need a storyboard of your digital documentary – with special attention to the type of map and the digital techniques that you plan to use (as in video, recordings, etc) – you can do this analog, either as a text or as a drawing, but be prepared to present it to the class **