Reflection Two Prompt

by hlegris

For Reflection Two – 500 words or more and posted on the same ‘page’ as Reflection One  and is ** due on FRIDAY November 2nd at 5pm ** – I want you to discuss several aspects of your experience so far, giving distinct attention to 1. your group paper-writing and speech-giving experience 2. what it has felt/been like to try to divvy-up presentation, research, and writing responsibilities in more of a teamwork-oriented environment 3. what your personal experience has been with your descriptive web text and 4. look briefly into your future goals, personally and collectively, with the digital web text.

As with Reflection One, I would like you to remember that these reflections will be an important part of your course grade, so I advise you to take them seriously because I will be grading them as formal writing assignments. Therefore, I suggest that yououtline your answers in a way that is structured and organized – not just a random slew of thoughts that bounce off of each other. Begin with an introductory paragraph, answer the questions in the body, and then write a conclusion paragraph. Do a thorough job with this, please. That is, don’t just answer the questions in a rote manner – put them into a form that an external audience member who didn’t have the questions in front of them could understand and even enjoy. Be specific and thoughtful.

I would like you to try to address questions such as the following (you may pick and choose what questions you answer, but remember to attempt to address all four areas that I mentioned above when constructing an answer) — these are only to get your mind working and to give you a jumping-off point. You can move within them as you see fitting to your own response and narrative as long as you try to address the four main areas that I’ve pointed out in the first paragraph of this post. Basically, I want you to reflect on your experiences since the first introductory speech – specifically, the work that you have done as part of a group as well as your time spent on your descriptive web text.


What project (paper, speech, web-text) do you think has been the most rewarding thus far for you personally, or the most engaging? Where do you feel you contributed your highest quality work?   What kind of writing have you enjoyed the most and why? Where do you think your strengths fall within the group? What aspect gave you the most difficulty? How did you feel as a writer versus as a speech performer within the group (or as an individual comparing various work you have created for this class)? In which area of writing/presentation/research did you feel more confident? Why? What strategies can you use to increase your abilities/confidence in the other areas? How can you highlight your own strengths and abilities within the group (or in a similar work collaboration)?

In terms of your individual role for the paper and speech, how did you prepare for your part in this project? How could you change your process of group collaboration to make it more successful? What is working well for your group? In what situations could you see yourself using these skill sets, either in terms of descriptive writing, research, collaboration, or speech-making?

Now, moving into the future: what surprising things have you discovered about your place/topic of research thus far? What methods of research are working well for you? What do you still need to discover? How will you accomplish those goals? What are you the most nervous about at this point in terms of your final project, your collaborative work, and/or your personal research? How do you feel that you have grown as a a result of this process thus far?

And, in your latest personal project: what were the largest challenges with writing the web text? What parts did you most enjoy? What gave you the most noticeable amount of difficulty? Was writing more creatively fun for you or was the research component more engaging?

**Remember, you must write at least 500 words. If you do not write at least 500 words, you do not get credit – and make sure to have an introduction & conclusion in addition to moving through a range of the questions I’ve started to pose here**