12 November 2012

by hlegris

I’m going to pull up the maps that you turned in to me, and I want you to explain them to the group – what are you doing with your map? What are you going to add? Why is what you’re doing significant? What do you need to do to add more depth? How are multiple group members/their research represented on your map? How does this map relate to the audience? How does it make the place you’re representing multidimensional? How does it tie into the rest of your project? What does it say about your interpretation of this place? Take a few minutes to discuss your responses to these questions with your group and then come in front of the class and discuss your responses.

Workshop Questions: digital documentaries

Go through the digital documentaries and explain what you’re doing with each part that you’ve personally constructed/researched – what do you need to add at this rough draft stage? What is confusing your partner? Is it clear why you’ve chosen to include each thing that you have in your section?

Why have you chosen the medium that you have? Does that make sense to your audience? Does your audience want to engage with what you’ve presented? Is it easily digestible? Remember that this is a web format – not a paper – what seems too long or too short? Could/would someone outside of this class care/continue reading/viewing/clicking?

Look for grammar/spelling/punctuation problems – are there strange constructions/sentences that are confusing? How can your message be as clear and vibrant as possible?

What about citations and incorporating research? Is it done smoothly? Does the trajectory of the presentation make sense?

As you’re working with your partner make notes of your conversation – these will help you remember/construct your revision plans – you’ll have to do a blog post on this session.

W, 14th : digital documentary revision/addition posts due (300+ words); continue adding to maps/digital documentaries – in-class work session.

F, 16th : digital tour outlines due (for each member – for your presentation, you will each speak for 4-6 minutes, remember to use oral citations); revised (read: complete) version of map due; Complete Digital Documentary Rough Draft Due (?)