Friday/Monday (16 November, 19 November)

by hlegris

On Friday, your complete digital documentaries will be due to me so that I can give you feedback and comments before you leave for/early in Thanksgiving Break.  This means that your map(s) should also be complete by Friday. Any lacking research should be explained and made note of – there is VERY LITTLE TIME left for gathering much more data.

On Monday, your digital documentary tour speech outlines (on blackboard) will also be due for each member – you may use the speech outline document that I’ve had you use in the past for other oral presentations, making note, in addition to your content, of how you are going to manipulate your website as you speak (as in what information will be in the background while you are presenting your part) – as I mentioned in class, for your presentation, you will each speak for 4-6 minutes. Remember, each member will present a different part of his/her research and process; your presentation should be cohesive and each member’s presentation should come together to form a whole portrait of your place(s) and theme(s) while giving a sense of your individual role and findings (without necessarily repeating all of the info on the digital documentary). It is key that you use oral citations when discussing your findings – this is something that many of your have glossed over in the past.

On Monday, you will also have informal presentation sessions (similar to your storyboards) where you present your individual speaking outlines to the class with your digital documentary in the background – you will NOT speak for the full 4-6 minutes each because all of the groups and their members must go in one class period – instead, you will explain the content of each of your outlines so that, if there are any questions or confusions, you can change your content to reflect these earlier rather than later. The actual presentations will be in formal speech style (snappy casual!!) so make sure to organize your thoughts accordingly, but this is a chance to see if your order/general content/background projection images make sense to the rest of the crowd.