Upcoming Deadlines

by hlegris

Upcoming deadlines and assignments: on Monday, you will have your speech outlines due to blackboard(typed, detailed) by 11am, but bring a copy of your outline or similar notes to class on Monday so that each group can take about 5 minutes to practice in front of the class, using their website in the background as a guide, though, on speech day, your presentations MUST be 4-6 minutes per person. Please review your syllabus (which is also a tab on my blog) and then feel free to send me any questions, or come in and talk to me.

The presentation on Monday is a good way to show the class what you’ve done and to explain what component(s) each person is going to cover – in an elevator-speech style pattern. Think about where the individual speeches will differ and where will they follow patterns? How will you keep your audience engaged? How will you show them that you have the best project? Think of this as a team-based design presentation: speaking skills, order, transitions, content: these all matter – you are speaking as an individual, but are part of a team that has produced a final product. This is formal presentation – organize it as such.

You will practice again on Monday the 26th, the day when your digital documentaries go live. Remember, they are graded on content, research quality and scope (variety of sources, types of research, quality of searches
– discussion boards are NOT the best, for example), PROPER use of MLA style, PROPER works cited, design, use of pictures and hyperlinks, clarity and quality of writing, design and user-friendliness. I recommend that you take your digital documentaries to the writing center – remember, this is a work that will be in public, for the entire world to see, not just for the function of this class. You want the writing to be very seamless and of high quality.

When writing your speech outlines, you’ll want to consider what makes the most sense for inclusion, but you know that you will want to explain:

1. aspects of your research sections – communicate some of the research you gathered, but not word-for-word from the website
2. components of your map, how you created it, why you did it in this form (sell your reason, don’t just say because you thought it would be cool) and what it is communicating about your place in terms of dimensionality. What new things can your audience learn as a result of interacting with this document?
3. Talk about your process for gathering research, how your project changed and grew, and what you expected to find versus what you found.
4. You can take some time to reflect on your experience, personally, with this project, and what else you would have liked to add on or discovered if you had more time with the project.
5. In what ways do you foresee becoming more involved with your community in the future? How do you define space or place differently now? How will you use the information/skills that you’ve learned as a part of this project?
6. Anything else you find relevant – but you MUST verbally cite your information while speaking.

The week that your do your digital presentations, you will have your third reflection due. The documentary, speech, and third reflection are the final grades you have for the class (in addition to participation and attendance).