Course Outline

Course Calendar

***This calendar is tentative and subject to changes as deemed necessary by the instructor. ***

Week One

August 22nd

IN CLASS: Introduction to Course; Ice Breaker



Watch “Welcome to Pinepoint”

Read: Sight into Insight

Buy: a sketchbook, ereader, texbook

Write: Type & print three thoughtful personal reactions + points + prepare to discuss your reactions to the project, review syllabus and bring personal objectives + motivations + investments in this course


August 24th

IN CLASS: discussion of article, discussion of the idea of identity + place + space+ dimensionality + self + affect. Discussion of cumulative objectives of the course and personal objectives


Read: Schein, Rich “Belonging Through Land/Scape”

Adams, Shelby Lee “Of Kentucky: Photo Essay”

“Shelby Lee Adams Invited Me to a Party”


Prepare: Reactions to the readings (in the discussion section of BB), Brainstorming of personal concepts of space/place/history


Week Two

August 27th

IN CLASS: discuss assigned readings; In-class writing exercise, wordpress tutorial and goals


HMWK: CDA (1-30), wordpress profile-creation, stylistics, about-page, etc

August 29th

IN CLASS: ContinuedIntroduction to WordPress and Research Blogging, Following others’ pages; Quiz

Discuss CDA (1-30)


HMWK: CDA (223-245)


August 31st


Discuss CDA (223-245);

Invention for Speeches

Due: detailed, thoughtful response (in blog) to the concept of place, especially in relation to the readings


HMWK: CDA (251-255)

Week Three

September 3rd


**No Class, Federal Holiday**

September 5th

IN CLASS: Discuss CDA(251-255);

Begin Outlining for Speeches,

NPR: Last Man on the Mountain

NPR: Listening to Wild Landscapes


HMWK: Outline Speeches, cont.

Norris, Kathleen “The Beautiful Places”

Ford, Richard “Accommodations”

September 7th

IN CLASS: Discuss NPR selections and assigned readings, Introduction to TED

HMWK: Write Speech Outlines

Klosterman, Chuck “Everyone Knows This is Somewhere”


Week Four

September 10th

IN CLASS: Workshop Speech Outlines, discuss Klosterman


Due: Speech Outlines


HMWK: complete full version of speech

September 12th



Full Version of Speech

Speech Rehearsal Day

Post Revision Plans by 11:30 PM to Blogs


HMWK: Revise speeches

September 14th

IN CLASS:  Continue to prepare for speeches, Discussion of TED techniques


HMWK: Complete Speeches

Week Five

September 17th


Introduction Speeches

September 19th

Introduction Speeches



Introduction Speeches

HMWK: Osnos, Evan “Your Cheap Sweater’s Real Cost”


Week Six

September 24th

IN CLASS: speech day, wrap-up

HMWK: work on reflections (Due: Thursday, September 27th, 10pm to new blog tab) 


September 26th

IN CLASS: Discuss Semester Project and Goals; Invention for Digital Documentary

HMWK: Read Mathieu, Paula “Economic Citizenship and the Rhetoric of Gourmet Coffee”


September 28th

IN CLASS: Read & Discuss Eblen’s article “Short Street Long on History”

View Short Street Map; Discuss assigned readings

HMWK: CDA (144-163), bring some project ideas for discussion

Week Seven

October 1st

Due: Pick Groups; Drafts of Group Contracts to Hannah; Give examples of digital documentaries

IN CLASS: Discuss CDA (144-163); Discuss Project Ideas from Homework; Introduction to Research

HMWK: Draw up group contracts, solidify research goals


October 3rd

Due: Revised Group Contracts

IN CLASS: Research Day

HMWK: CDA (181-212)

Due by 11:30 PM: Research Blog Post


October 5th

IN CLASS: Discuss CDA (181-212)

HMWK: Research examples of projects similar in nature to your proposed idea,

Week Eight

October 8th

IN CLASS: Discuss Ethical Fieldwork and Interpersonal Communication; Descriptive Writing Exercise; Description as a Method of Inquiry

HMWK: CDA (213-221); Draft of Proposal


October 10th

IN CLASS: Discuss CDA (213-221); Workshop Proposal Drafts; Draft Proposal Speeches

Due: Draft of Proposal to BB by 3:00 PM


**Proposals Due to BB by 11:30 PM Friday, Oct 12th **

October 12th

IN CLASS: Visual Analysis Exercises,

In-Class Debate

HMWK: Prepare Proposal Speeches


Week Nine

October 15th

IN CLASS: Proposal Speeches;

Discuss Proposed Ideas as a Class

HMWK: Group Dynamics Report by 11:30 PM


October 17th

IN CLASS: Proposal Speeches;

Discuss Proposed Ideas as a Class

HMWK: Group Dynamics Report by 11:30 PM


October 19th

Group Meetings with Hannah (schedule on BB)

HMWK: CDA (263-304)

Week Ten

October 22nd

Due: Research Post by 5:00 PM

IN CLASS: Discuss CDA (263-304); Visual Rhetoric Exercises

HMWK: CDA (305-312)


October 24th

Due: Draft of Web-Text Due by 5:00 PM

Workshop Web-Texts;

IN CLASS: Discuss CDA (305-312)

HMWK: Post Revision Plan


October 26th



Week Eleven

October 29th

Due:Web-Text to Blog Page by 3:00 PM; Reflection 2 by 11:30 PM

Discuss Mapping (Creating, Shaping, and Representing Knowledge); Digital Mapping Exercises



October 31st

Due: PostDigital Map of “Your Lexington” with Description by 3:00 PM

Invention for Project Maps



November 2nd

IN CLASS: Mapping Exercise



Week Twelve

November 5th

Due: Progress Post by 3:00 PM

Work on Digital Projects

HMWK: Digital Projects


November 7th

Due:Progress Post by 3:00 PM

HMWK: Work on Digital Projects


November 9th

HMWK: Reflection 3: on Digital Project Progress

Week Thirteen

November 12th


Due: Full Draft of Digital Project

Workshop Digital Projects

Due: Project Revision Plans

HMWK: Outline Digital Tour Speech


November 14th

Due: Outline of Digital Tour Speech

Workshop Digital Tour Outlines; Work on Digital Projects

Due: Tour Revision Plans



November 16th



Week Fourteen

November 19th

Due: Progress Post by 3:00 PM

Workshop Revised Digital Projects

HMWK: Prepare for Digital Tours


November 21st

**No Class: Thanksgiving Holiday**

November 23rd

**No Class: Thanksgiving Holiday**

Week Fifteen

November 26th

Due: Documentary Projects Live, 3:00pm

Work on Digital Tours

HMWK: Prepare for Digital Tours


November 28th

Digital Tours


November 30th

Digital Tours

Week Sixteen

December 3rd

Digital Tours


December 5th

Digital Tours; Concluding Comments, Reflections Due by 11:00 PM on Sunday, Dec 9th: Final Reflection


December 7th

Final Class